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You are invited to book a sedation-free teeth cleaning for your dog at Poochie Mama Dog Grooming with Australian Animal Oral Care (AAOC).


WHEN: Thu 11 March 2020



Simply click HERE to book online, or call the friendly team at AAOC directly on 0435 875 960


Every appointment booked with Poochie Mama receives a complimentary Doggy Dental starter kit to help you maintain your dog’s teeth at home.

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Dental disease is still one of the most common health problems diagnosed among pets today. Good Doggy Dental Hygiene is critical to your dog's overall health because it prevents:


Tooth loss

When the structures supporting a dog’s teeth become damaged or infected, the teeth loosen and fall out. Good dog dental care will ensure that those teeth-supporting structures stay healthy and keep the teeth in place.


Bad breath (halitosis)

If a whiff of your dog's breath makes your nose hairs curl, it's time for some good dental care. When your dog has a healthy mouth and healthy dog teeth, bad breath won't be a problem.

Oral pain

Dental disease, especially when it's severe, can be quite painful for dogs. Keeping your dog's teeth and gums healthy will help prevent oral pain.

Organ damage 

Bacteria in the plaque can enter the bloodstream and spread to the heart, kidneys and liver. This spread of bacteria, called bacteremia, can damage organs and make dogs quite sick. Good oral health will help prevent bacteremia and subsequent organ damage.

Worsening dental disease

Because so many dogs have dental disease by the time they're 3 years old, it can be difficult to prevent it from developing in the first place. However, good dog dental care can prevent dental disease from becoming severe and causing problems throughout the body.


Welcome to a Healthy Approach to Dental Cleaning. 

You no longer need to sedate your Pet just for a Dental Scale & Clean!

Anaesthesia Dental Cleaning is not suitable for all Pets due to their age, health or medical conditions, such as Heart, Kidney & Liver Disease.

AAOC provides a non-surgical, safe alternative for keeping your pet happy and healthy and providing your Pet with AAOC’s Natural Dental each year will help you to avoid high costs, tooth Loss and extractions associated with Dental Disease later in life.

Yes, it is possible to do a thorough Dental Clean without Sedation.


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