Grooming Services


Upon arrival at Poochie Mama, we will assess the condition of your dog’s coat, discuss any health requirements they may have and find out what you would like to have done, that way we can establish the best grooming option for you both.

Each groom includes a bath, blow dry and hygiene clean and clip (if necessary), ear cleaning, ear plucking (upon request), nail clipping, paw pad trim, and a breed-specific styling.


The following prices are a guideline only and an actual cost will be established once your dog’s coat has been assessed.

SMALL DOG GROOM - from $75

Jack Russell, Daschund, Chihuahua, etc


"Oodles", Beagle, Staffy, etc 

LARGE DOG GROOM - from $95+

Golden Retriever, Labrador, Big Groodles, etc.

XTRA LARGE DOG GROOM (over 20kg plus double coated) - from $85-$200

price assessed on the day


Dogs with particular breed styles

Poodle, Schnauzer, Bichon, Westie, etc. 

Depending on style and coat condition - exact price given on the day of appointment


Nail clip - $15 (no need to book - walk ins welcome)

Teeth Cleaning with Mira-Pet Ultrasonic - $35

Flea shampoo - $10

Ear cleaning - $10

Face tidy - $20

Paw pad tidy - $20

Fringe & eye tidy - $10

Matted coat - $10-20


Anxious Dogs

With a calm and gentle manner, Groomer Steph is especially good with anxious dogs allowing them plenty of time to become familiar with the sights, sounds and smells of a grooming salon. She is more than happy to work with you to create a plan that will help alleviate the stress of grooming for your dog.

"Our dog Toby is a very nervous chap but he loves Steph! We used to have to give him Valium to be groomed but we don’t need to with (her). He is still nervous but seems to relax in Steph’s company which is a relief for us." - M. Heenan

Doggy Daycare

Poochie Mama Dog Grooming offers an all day dog care option where you can drop off your pooch from 8am and pick up before 6pm.

Not only will your dog be groomed and pampered, they will also be cared for with plenty of water, toys, cuddles, kisses and toilet breaks throughout the day.

They will also get to meet all of Poochie Mama's other fabulous furry clients if they like, or they can curl up on a comfy cushion for a quiet snooze.

Only an additional $35 to your grooming cost.

Ask about Doggy Daycare when you book your next appointment.

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