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Dogs can be affected by arthritis just like humans. Arthritis can be more common in dogs with genetic bone and joint disorders like hip dysplasia or patella luxation, in overweight dogs and very athletic dogs as well those with medical conditions that affect joint cartilage.

What are the symptoms of arthritis in dogs?

Arthritis causes inflammation and pain of the joints and reduced range of motion, which in turn causes tight muscles, weak muscles and less mobility. Dogs with arthritis will be less likely to jump, run, play or do the activities they used to and even a daily walk can cause increased pain and discomfort. They may be noticeably lame and possibly show behavioural changes as well.

How can canine massage help dogs with arthritis?

Massage can be an excellent addition to veterinary care, diet and nutritional supplementation for dogs suffering from arthritis.


Remedial massage techniques treat tight muscles to increase joint range of motion, in turn allowing better use of the musculature and potential to increase strength in muscles weakened by lack of use. Improved blood flow from massage techniques will ease inflammation and reduce pain.


Regular remedial massage treatments to treat arthritis can help your best mate lead a more comfortable and happier life. 


Please consult with your vet and send us a message to book an appointment.

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