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Cute Happy Dog

As humans we incorporate remedies and treatments to help us feel and look our best and your furry friend should be no different.

Preventative health care for your dog

Just as it is for humans, canine remedial massage is useful in treating dysfunction when things aren't working right but also beneficial in keeping things that way. Preventative health care for your dog makes them feel good physically and mentally and gives the opportunity to treat issues as they arise and may prevent that small muscle strain from turning into a big problem.

Canine massage for physical and mental wellbeing

On a physiological level, massage improves circulation, elasticity and flexibility and reduces muscle tightness, inflammation and pain. On a chemical level, massage acts on the nervous system by reducing cortisol and increasing serotonin and dopamine to ease stress and promote relaxation.

Curious Dog
Added benefits of canine remedial massage

Massage gets your dog used to being touched which can be useful in other instances such as visiting the vet or having their nails trimmed. It can also help with blood flow to the skin, improving coat condition.


Introducing canine massage to your dogs at a younger age for general maintenance also means they're tolerant to it (or indeed love it) and their therapist, should they need to have treatments for pain relief at any stage in their life.

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