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Canine Remedial Massage

Poochie Mama Canine Care provides canine remedial massage in your own home in the Bayside area and surrounds. We treat all breeds of dogs who require massage as part of their overall health care.

We can work closely with your referring vet and other canine complementary health practitioners to ensure your dog gets the best care and appropriate treatment.

Veterinary Care & Massage

Poochie Mama Canine Care does not diagnose conditions or prescribe medication. Canine massage is not a substitute for veterinary care and illness, injury and physical complications in your dog should always be medically diagnosed and treated. Please chat with your vet before commencing massage treatments.


Steph studied Canine Remedial Massage at the Canine Health and Wellbeing Academy and is a member of The Australian Canine Rehabilitation Association (ACRA)

With up to 10 years of experience as a dog groomer, Steph is delighted to now offer expertise remedial massage for your companion in the comfort of your own home.

Steph Hall
Massage Treatments for a Variety of Conditions
Fearful dog


Being overly anxious can have any number of causes such as an historical event, a particular environment, a disruption to their home routine or perhaps being rehomed.

Black Dog


Arthritis causes inflammation and pain of the joints and reduced range of motion, which in turn causes tight muscles, weak muscles and less mobility.

Dog Contest


Any human athlete would include regular physical therapies with specific nutrition and a regimented training schedule to keep them in peak condition to perform at their best and your dog should be no different.

Rescue Puppy


Canine massage can be used prior to and after surgery to give your dog the best chance of success.

Golden Dog


Dogs slow down as they age, just like people. Elderly dogs can often become more anxious, suffer poor hearing, eyesight, balance, flexibility and have arthritis.



Hip dysplasia is a structural malformation of the hip joint, where the socket shape of the hip joint and the ball shape of the end of the thigh bone don't fit well together.

Dog with a toy


The cruciates are 2 ligaments supporting the knee joint and just like in humans (especially AFL players), a dog's cruciate ligaments can be damaged

Happy Beagle


Elbow dysplasia is a complex condition which affects a dog's elbow joint. The elbow joint is made up of three bones and there are several areas where the bones may be mis-formed or malaligned.

Cute Dog


Luxating patella is a condition where the kneecap pops out of the groove in which it is meant to sit. Massage is a complementary adjunct to veterinary treatments.

tripod dog


Tripawd dogs are remarkable and adaptable but they are also going to be suffering a bit and remedial massages are vital to ensure that they are comfortable and healthy.

Cute Happy Dog


Just as it is for humans, canine remedial massage is useful in treating dysfunction when things aren't working right but also beneficial in keeping things that way.

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