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elderly dog

Elderly dogs benefit from canine remedial massage

Dogs slow down as they age, just like people.

Most elderly dogs will suffer from arthritis in their joints. The inflamed arthritic joints cause pain and limit mobility and everyday movements like rising from their bed, going up and down stairs or even crouching to poop becomes an arduous task.


Old age also means less muscle tone which can stress the joints further, particularly as a dog's balance is poorer as well and they're more likely to struggle with things like uneven terrain and slippery surfaces.


Elderly dogs can often become more anxious too. Poor hearing, eyesight, balance and flexibility can make a wooden floor or a small step a scary obstacle and stressful to navigate. Increased stress hormones can cause, emotional and behavioural issues, as well as cause, increased muscular tension.

elderly dog
How can massage help an elderly dog?

It can be sad to see your best mate struggle to dog like they used to but regular remedial massage can help keep your old dog more mobile, fitter and stronger. Canine remedial massage helps to alleviate some of the symptoms of arthritis, relieving tension around ageing joints which may help to improve muscle tone, flexibility and facilitate strengthening.


Massage will also help to calm the nervous system and this can help reduce stress in anxious dogs.


After a lifetime improving your quality of life, treating your elderly friend to regular canine remedial massage treatments will certainly help to improve theirs.

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