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Rescue Puppy

Canine massage therapy can be used prior to and after surgery to give your dog the best chance of healing success.

Massage prior to your dog's surgery

Prior to orthopaedic surgeries for problems such as elbow or hip dysplasia, canine massage therapy will help support your dog's function by improving blood flow to assist with swelling and pain management and treating any other tight muscles caused by limping or postural changes which may be causing them further discomfort. 

Massages for canine mental health

Not only does massaging your dog help their physical body, it can be important in managing their mental health.


Restricted exercise and confinement are recommended for periods of time pre and post-surgery and this can be unusual and stressful for them. Massage reduces anxiety and promotes relaxation and this will be beneficial in helping them heal more quickly.

Canine remedial massage therapy post-surgery

Post surgery, massage is also recommended to assist with healing by improving blood flow and restoring suppleness through the treatment of unwanted scar tissue. Poochie Mama Canine Care recommends using massage post-sugery in conjunction with other modalities such as underwater treadmill or canine physiotherapy to give your dog the best prognosis. 

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