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Luxating patella is a condition where the kneecap pops out of the groove where it is meant to sit. It can occur with trauma to the knee but often genetic poor conformation means that the groove is too shallow or malaligned and may need to be corrected with surgery.

Diagnosing patella luxation in dogs

As with all orthopaedic issues we treat at Poochie Mama Canine Care, diagnosis is done by your vet. You may have noticed a little skip when your dog trots or when they're going downstairs or they may have been noticeably lame. Your vet will assess the severity and make a plan of action. This does not always involve surgery.

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Can massage help with patella luxation?

Non-surgical management of orthopaedic conditions often entails modified exercise, bodyweight management, anti-inflammatory medication and canine physiotherapy/hydrotherapy. Regular remedial massage can be a fantastic complementary adjunct to this type of management as it can help reduce imbalances in the musculature which arise from limping and malformation of the joint and potentially help reduce the amount of wear and tear. There's the added benefit too, of reducing inflammation which causes pain.

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