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Fearful dog

All dogs get anxious from time to time but some dogs just seem a bit stuck there. Being overly anxious can have any number of causes such as an historical event, a particular environment, a disruption to their home routine or perhaps being rehomed.

Fight or Flight?

Most dog owners will have heard of the fight or flight response. A frightened dog may freeze, run away or put up a fight when a situation gets too much for them and they feel threatened or endangered. In these instances the dog's nervous system goes on high alert, stress hormones are produced and muscles contract in readiness. When a dog's body goes into this fight or flight response over everyday activities that usually create joy and happiness in other dogs, such as a trip to the park or meeting a new doggy friend, it can become overwhelming for the dog and owner alike.

anxious dog
Is your dog in pain? How can canine massage help?

Dogs can be very good at disguising their pain and even the most vigilant owner can be unaware that their dog's stress could be coming from a sore back, tummy or paw so please always check out behavioural issues with your vet.


If anxiety and behavioural issues are stemming from musculoskeletal pain, remedial massage can help alleviate those symptoms.


Massage also releases endorphins which can act as a natural pain reliever plus it stimulates the release of happy hormones to calm and relax your dog which is good for their emotional wellness too.

Poochie Mama Canine Care are not specialised in canine behaviour but we would like to work in conjunction with a dog's owners, vet and behaviourist in instances where canine massage is indicated. After consulting with your vet please get in touch to make an appointment.

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